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so if you watch the star trek episode “space seed.”

you, in 2014, are watching an episode that aired in 1967, that takes place in the 23rd century, about people frozen since the 1990s, which was the future to people in the sixties, but canonically the past to the characters in TOS, and now the past to you.

so you’re watching a show from the past about the future about the past which was then the future but is now the past again.

Cardassian Sunrise


The Cardassian Sunrise (not to be confused with the Samarian Sunset) seems to be a popular drink in the Star Trek universe. It is not only available in Quark’s Bar, which is not surprising, given the proximity to Cardassia, but is also known several centuries earlier - at least in an alternate timeline (Star Trek 2009). Those Cardassians really like sharing their drinks with the universe!

This variation on the classic Tequilla Sunrise uses spiced rum instead of tequilla (seems more Cardassian this way). You can use either grenadine or cassis (blackcurrant liquor) to create the sunrise effect - you’ll get a nicer colour blend with the grenadine but I think it tastes better with the cassis. Either way, it is very easy to drink and I can understand why it is a favourite among Starfleet cadets! 


Replicate your own
(Makes 1 Cardassian Sunrise)

60ml / 2 fl oz dark spiced rum
120 ml / 4 fl oz orange juice
20ml / 0.70 fl oz grenadine or cassis
Slice of orange and / or sprig of mint for garnish

Fill a highball glass about 3/4 full with ice. Add the rum and orange juice and give a little stir to combine the rum and orange juice.

Slowly pour the grenadine or cassis over the back of a spoon into the centre of the glass. It should trickle down and settle on the bottom. Garnish with a slice of orange and / or a sprig of mint. Serve immediately to all nearby Starfleet cadets. 

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